It’s been awhile people! How do you do?

I know it’s some time since my last post. Much has happened since last summer and the blog seemed to fall down to the very bottom of my list. Strange since I am living in New York now and bombarded with potential images every day. But that’s just life I suppose!

The reason I write today is because I saw something that stuck out like a sore thumb while I was doing my usually browse at Barney’s. By the way they are having an awesome shoe sale!

Nevertheless, you guessed it the picture above says it all. My logo that’s on the site and passed around to every person I photographed has been compromised. I was super disappointed to say the least. A shop I adore that I am a devoted customer to take without asking. What a gut wrenching feeling. I know as a designer myself things are copied and modified day to day but this incident was too clear. Email notifying me would have been nice …right? The least right?

NOT COOL BARNEY’S! NOT COOL! This could have been a beautiful collaboration - truly a perfect pairing….

Anyway my advice to all you bloggers be aware of what you put out there that is yours even if you think your blog isn’t popular…you just never know.


Eat, dance, snap photos, shop, gallery browse, eat again and shop again are what most of my Paris visits are all about. Getting lost in the streets and finding a new vintage shop is a highlight. So if you haven’t heard of Public Romance before make sure to check out the shop and it’s vivacious owner; Maryama!

music by Nouvelle Vague : Too drunk to Fuck


Maryama’s Public Romance


A Ladies favorite never goes out of style.

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ya like dawgs?…. apparently I do when they come along with a cute guy

I’m liken these Vans for men….

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architects love some Chalayn

I met Shirin at the Hussein Chalayn exhibit who is also an architect…wadda ya know! I could not stop starring at her cool outfit by German designer Bernhardt Willhelm, whose work I can’t get enough of now. Graphic in print but also in form…check him out if you’ve haven’t already : Bernhardt Willhelm.

Turkish pop singer Sertab Erener for the Hussein Chalayn installation.



Fashion exhibits are popping up all over the place these days, don’t you think? The more the better I say….as long as they really have something to say. As you also know Hussein Chalayan has something say.

Before I even walked in I was so excited to see a retrospective of his work. It was such a refreshing portfolio to see one that (I feel) doesn’t get enough praise. 

Originally from Cyprus and educated in London at Central Saint Martins, Chalayan is clearly “…one of the most innovative fashion designers of our time.” Being an architect I was engrossed by this method of design. It can become quite breathtaking how he gracefully he amalgamates form and experimentation with various mediums.

I really appreciated how they showcased he’s research and process to bring he’s ideas to the for front. There really is a simplicity in this complexity! 

Go see the exhibit if you can and if not check out his blog : Hussein Chalayan



Austra : loose it

what a pretty sound from an up and coming Toronto based band. Check out their tumblr :Austra Music. Side note; Jay-z digs them if that makes a difference in your life.



Forget star-sighting’s in Paris it is now the age of the blogger-sighting. I bumped into Paris based stylist Kristina Gisors the lady behind Your Private Shopper . In what was probably one the busiest days at Colette I spotted her and had to get shot. 

nice smile lady!

I keep seeing these shiny high-top everywhere lately… 




brits injecting fun in fashion back into france

One of these days I’m going to buy myself a Kokon To Zai piece. I swoon when I see the shop, their newest patterns and cuts, and of course the neon!! I think their clothes would create the same feeling of heading out to a night of dancing…but during the day. 

KTZ is a collaboration between Koji Maruyama, Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski. Each having a different background in design — fashion to architecture — and based in London with a shop in Paris. I dare you to check it out and be inspired by fashion again. 



I was so excited to see the shop but they closed it for a paint job…boo, but isn’t this lady awesome?…ah yea


you would be this happy too…

If your day was spent at the shops of Palais Royal.


the ladies of rick owens

Strolling down the corridor of Palais Royal and scooping out the lux’s fashion boutiques I really appreciated how non-chalant and relaxed the sales ladies of Rick Owens were. This little park holds some of the greatest fashion houses in the world and each one comes with their own larger than life character, and it was kinda cool to meet the different women that personify the different brands all in one place. 


Paris via London via LA?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the reasons I keep up with my blog is because it allows me to meet some of the most interesting people around. Everyone has a story of course and the stories are even better when your well dressed. 

In Paris I met Wayne whose originally from London where he worked for Topshop (I can hear your excitement!) then relocated to Paris to explore the world of higher end fashion design at Givenchy.

After a quick chat we both agreed as charming and magical Paris is London is where fashion’s heart is at the moment. The younger generation isn’t afraid to take risks and be creative. Fashion is suppose to be fun whatever the trend and whoever you are. You only live once so take advantage of what you put on your body….

Anyway, I hope Wayne knows his outfit is really complete with his little friend. sooo cute!

Check out his Adidas kicks by Jeremy Scott.